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We have over 15 years of experience in developing apps with full range of photo editing needs - cartoonizing effects, quick face retouch, fun photo montages, sophisticated photo blendings, art stylization, and more.

Our apps are smart and simple: they are based on high-end technologies (like AI-driven algorithms or 3D face tracking) but for users it is a matter of just one tap. Due to this we have over 300 millions downloads to date and our apps are ranked high in both App Store and Google Play in many countries, including USA, Germany, Brazil, Russia, France and others.

Our main company is Linerock Investments LTD. and it holds all the IP. However we have several other companies, including Informe Laboratories, under which you can find ToonMe and New Profile Pic apps on the App Store. We have also been doing business as Photo Lab ( and VicMan. is our corporate website.

Press and media coverage


Takes seconds to apply any effects

Over 15 years of experience

1500+ effects

AI technologies under the hood

Partnership via API

Photo Lab

  • Over 430 000 000 downloads
  • #1 Overall in more than 65 countries
  • Featured as Best and Trends of the year on App Store

New profile Pic

  • #1 Overall in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and more
  • Google Play “Best For Fun” Winner of 2022 in France and Germany


  • Reached #1 overall spots in over 20 countries including China, Japan and many more

Brand Assets

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Kristina Lunina

PR Manager

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