Photo Lab began turning usual photos into something stunning years ago. And it is precisely what the app keeps doing now, only with the most advanced AI-driven technologies under the hood and the most creative designers behind the scenes. It helps us to win the hearts of users all over the world and stay the leading photo editor on App Store and Google Play with over 260 million downloads already.


DreamLook in Photo Lab is an innovative AI-driven feature offering a diverse array of captivating and trendy themes, including realistic photos and artistically stylized images. The technology behind DreamLook seamlessly captures the original facial features, hairstyle, skin color, and hair color, integrating user identity into the generated pictures and resulting in a more organically blended look.


Powered by advanced AI technology,

LookLab offers a wide range of distinct artistic styles, allowing you to instantly experiment with different professions, nationalities, historical eras, and more. From just one photo! Further customization options include changing hair color, hairstyle, and even adjusting age. No waiting required - the process within seconds.


InstaLook + InstaMotion

InstaLookin Photo Lab incorporates advanced facial recognition technology to offer face replacement option in images. This AI–powered feature allows users to experiment with different looks and serves as a creative playground.
InstaMotionin its turn enables users to personalize their video content by swapping faces. Dare to unlock a new level of storytelling already now!

Choose your photo


Select a video

Make any video yours 🔥

Make any video yours 🔥

AI Cartoon Portraits

Meet the first-ever instant AI Cartoon Portrait Maker. Professionally looking cartoon portraits are generated from a selfie automatically by AI. And it takes less than a second.

Enjoy perfect results in a variety
of styles and colors

Effects and technologies
behind Photo Lab

Effects based on AI-driven figure detection:

  • Background replacement
  • Photoshop-like filters and effects

AI segmentation

of hair, skin and lips for the most creative coloring and stylization

Virtual 3D masks, face montages
and face paint

and more...

What makes Photo Lab special

Awesome photos with one tap

Making any photo stunning has never been easier — users can apply any style or effect they see in Photo Lab feed in less than 5 seconds.

Extended sharing

Along with sharing a picture our users can provide a link to the combo in Photo Lab, letting anyone apply the same sequence of effects to their photos at once.

Creativity made fun and easy

More than 1000 templates and limitless possibilities — any template can be applied on its own or combined with several effects to get an entirely new one (we call them ‘Combos’).

Even more with Photoshop

Combining effects into combos is not the most creative thing Photo Lab offers. Photoshop users can do even more — design and contribute their own templates using Template Creator.

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