Photo! Web Album

Photo! Web Album

Photo! Web Album
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  • Ultimate user friendliness and unmatched usability

    Photo! Web Album is a user friendly and intuitive tool, supplied with built-in wizard and context-sensitive help. The software makes it fun and easy to create a web gallery, even if you are a first time user. Photo! Web Album is wrapped in a clean and attractive interface that is pleasing to look at and enjoyable to use.

  • Flexibility

    With lots of cool themes, you can choose the most appropriate environment for your photos. You can also personalize your album adjusting thumbs and pictures size, customizing header and footer for album pages, etc.

  • Everything is at your fingertips

    You needn't go to the website to download new design templates. Instead, you can install more designs for your photo albums right from the application. Every time a new template appears on the server, you will immediately get a notification of this cheerful fact! If one of your installed templates is updated, you will be notified as well.

  • WYSIWYG mode

    The software works in WYSIWYG mode letting you see how your album looks and feels in real time, before it is saved to your hard drive. In all other photo album software you first have to set all the album parameters and then push the Generate button to see what you've got as a result.

  • Subfolders support

    Subfolders support lets you accurately organize heaps of images within one album. When adding a folder with images and subfolders you will be asked whether you want to keep the folder hierarchy intact. You can also arrange and rearrange images and folders within a created album the way you like it.

  • Built-in photo editing tools

    Photo! Web Album contains a number of built-in photo editing tools letting you edit your photos directly in Web Photo Album. Rotate photos, apply filters, fix red eye, correct color and remove noise and JPEG artifacts from your photos, without having to employ other photo editing software.

  • Get it Free!

    Photo! Web Album is pure freeware. This means you can be sure there will be no nag screens and no expiration dates. Simply enjoy it!