November 1, 2008

Get Excited by VicMan's online Photo! 3D widget!

July 28, 2008 – VicMan Software, a leading developer of graphics software for personal computers, announced that online Photo! 3D widget, able to put web photos into catching 3D galleries, is launched. The new tremendous feature is that the widget is embeddable on websites, blogs, and social sites just by one mouse click. Currently, the widget can get photos from Flickr™ photo service and allows adding any image by its URL. The future work is to support other popular photo services.

This release gives the internet community the tool to create 3D photo albums with heretofore unheard-of mobility, speed and quality, and we look forward to interaction with the popular photo services to further this exciting technology.

Our users asked us – could you make such a tool that allows adding photos not only from the hard drive, but from almost unlimited web space? And we said – yes, we will surely solve this task. So, in the 3D widget, you won't have to install any software or download photos. The only thing you need is to open Photo! 3D Widget web page. Since this very moment creating 3D albums is as simple as ABC:

A) Choose a template from the constantly updated collection.
B) Select photos from the popular photo service by tags or username.
C) Add photos into the album by copy-pasting their URLs.

Step A) of widget creation is choosing a gallery template. The 3D widget supplies a wide range of templates from VicMan's popular Photo! 3D Album, so everybody will find a gallery that suits them best. Check out the exclusive Manuscript and Book templates, designed for people who like something different and unusual.

At step B) you can use such a service as Flickr™ that currently numbers nearly 10 billion uploaded photos. Seems like enough to choose the appropriate ones! By setting various photo tags and usernames you will find the photos you need.

Step C) is a direct way to add the image from the Internet into the resulting album – simply paste the image URL or a text containing image URLs into a special text box. Press the “Add” button and the widget will automatically extract all the pictures from the text and add them into your album.

Finally press the "Create widget" button and in the same window you will see your 3D album in Shockwave™ format. Exceptional usability of this format is in its ultimate mobility, wide popularity and high-quality 3D space visualization. Mobility means that after an easy registration process you will get a link to your album in HTML and UBB codes to put it on any web page. With the express purpose of your convenience, we have implemented fast access to famous blogs and bookmarking services to publish the album there. Finally, you will get an URL of the album to send it to your friends or relatives via e-mail, Skype, ICQ, etc.

In the created album, you can wander freely inside 3D reality and enjoy watching your photos. It's so pleasant to look at your own creation, you know.

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If you are interested in trying online Photo! 3D Widget, follow this link:

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