March 24, 2014 Lab for Android welcomes spring with april showers and may flowers

You may have heard of Lab before. It’s an established photo processing app that’s been on Google Play since late 2012. The free version has amassed over 17 million downloads and it makes Lab one of the 710 top downloaded apps in Google Play[1]. The PRO version sits on the 150th position among all the paid apps by the lifetime number of downloads[2].

Infographics on Lab Android Lab stands out from other photo processing apps as it does not make users work on different aspects of photos separately. While other apps reproduce Photoshop-like features, lab users get results in several clicks. Lab has got a vast number of photo templates all ready to be used. They can make your photo look like an embroidery of geisha, place it into a cup of coffee or even give your face to the Hulk. All of it is done fully automatically and in a matter of seconds.

Collage of Lab effects

The number of various photo effects in Lab is impressive. The free version has over 570 presets and the PRO version can boast with extra 56. All of them are divided into 23 categories such as Amazing Frames, Face Montages or Magazine Covers. But there is a group that is different from the others. The Seasonal group includes all sorts of collages, backgrounds and stylized effects, but they are all dedicated to one season.

Seasonal photo effects at Lab Android

Everyone seems to be tired of winter with its snow and ice. No one wants to wear winter headbands anymore or gets excited seeing a snowflake. Spring has come and it's time to finally replace the Seasonal effects in Lab. Hope that you're as glad to see the change as we are!

Spring effects at Lab Android

Spring is the time when we welcome green grass - and Lab has got ‘Bubble’ and ‘Spring Bliss Frame’ for it. Trees start blooming in spring, and Lab helps you send pictures into ‘Lilac Dreams’ or ‘Flower Dream’. But to everything there is a season so you should check out ‘Rain Effect’ and ‘Sun Mosaic’ first. As you see, Lab has spring photo effects for any picture. Enjoy them now and delight your friends with juicy photo collages!

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Flower Dream photo frameBubble photo montageLilac Dreams photo frameSpring Romance photo montagePhoto processed with Flora photo montageSpring Bliss photo frame

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