July 28, 2008

Photo! 3D Screensaver 1.1 works miracles on your desktop

July 28, 2008 – version 1.1 of Photo! 3D Screensaver, a software tool designed to create three dimensional screensavers with your photos, has been released by VicMan Software. The new version, designed for Windows OS, is featured with photo playlists option and highly customizable templates. In addition, the program can extract photos by tags or username from FlickrTM photo service to add them into your 3D screensavers. On top of that, Photo! 3D Screensaver now adds the ability to download new cool design templates right from the application and even create your own! Once the template is created, it can be uploaded to VicMan's server to become available for all users over the Internet (the template will be signed with your name).

If you use a usual slide show screensaver, every time you take a break from work, your desktop presents you with your most cherished photos. Sounds good, but think of a screensaver that can show your digital photos in fabulous 3D galleries like they were really exhibited in a Chinese garden or a wild west Saloon or even in a Space Station operating on Mars! Photo! 3D Screensaver 1.1 represents the latest generation of screensavers with 3D presentation of photo galleries and the ability to add photos from the web with minimum effort on your part.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this program is really fun and easy to use. Only a few clicks are needed to see a preview of your 3D gallery, or change the environment, or even add cool new photos from popular Flickr™ photo service. The application extracts photos automatically as soon as you specify tags or username, and adds them into your screensaver. By the way, Flickr™ currently numbers nearly 10 billion uploaded photos.

Photo! 3D Screensaver allows creating and editing photo playlists, thus letting you arrange your photos into thematic groups and choose the photolist you want to be in your screensaver right now. Also, it lets you listen to your favorite music while the screensaver is running – just add mp3 music files using the application's sound menu. The program has a list of adjustable options like resolution, rendering quality, walker's speed and height. In addition to watching the screensaver in auto move mode, you can use your mouse and keyboard to wander freely through the gallery.

Additional convenience comes with a built-in design templates panel. Switch designs with just one mouse click. A large and constantly growing templates collection is now stored at http://pho.to server, so with version 1.1 of Photo! 3D Screensaver you can easily view and install web templates directly from the application. Now all template updates are carefully tracked by the program to supply you with the latest information. Every time a new template appears on the server or one of your installed templates is updated, you immediately get a notification of this cheerful fact!

Try yourself in the role of a designer - create your own 3D template and upload it to the server. After moderation it will appear in the template panel of all existing versions of the program. Become famous all over the world with your personalized design template!

So just select photos you want to see, add some pleasant music and take a genuine delight in viewing an exhibition of your digital masterpieces.

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For more information on Photo! 3D Screensaver 1.1, visit http://pho.to/screensaver3d/

Download link: http://pho.to/album3d/p3dalbuminst.exe

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