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August 10, 2010, sencillo editor de imágenes online

« editor es un editor sencillo de imágenes online, que nos permite hacer una serie de mejoras sobre las imágenes. La aplicación permite editar imágenes subidas por nosotros o bien indicado por medio de una url.» >>>

July 14, 2010

Photo! 3D Album

«We have so many photo editors that is hard to decide which one is the best and which one you should use. Some are offering some great editing tools, others are bringing a great looking and modern interface and some are coming with highly competitive prices.

Right next to these photo editors, are album creators. These applications allow you to combine, add and remove photos and set hundreds of effects for your albums. You can import and manipulate multiple images in the same time and the results can be quite impressive. However, most of these album creating products are similar. » >>>

May 27, 2010 cambiare espressione facciale

«Che cosa ci aiuta a riconoscere l’umore di una persona? Certo, è la sua espressione facciale. Immagina di avere la possibilità di modificare l’espressione facciale di persone con un solo click! Sarebbe un bel modo per divertirsi e di stupire i tuoi amici.

Il nuovo Cartoon Photo! è un servizio che rende questo possibile. La caratteristica più sorprendente è che questo servizio online lavora in modalità completamente automatica: basta scegliere un’emozione dalla lista proposta (gioia, tristezza, sorpresa, ecc) ed avere un punto di vista totalmente nuovo su un volto familiare. È possibile inoltre visualizzare facilmente sia il risultato ottenuto sia la fonte della foto per effettuare un confronto.» >>>

September 24, 2009 Make-over für Digi-Fotos

«Nicht zufrieden mit dem letzten Foto? Verwackelt, blasse Farben, keine Schärfe, zu dunkel? Oder noch schlimmer: Das Portätfoto ist völlig misslungen, einfach inakzeptabel. Rote Augen, gelbe Zähne, Pickel klar und deutlich. So nicht.

Verbesserungswürdigen Digi-Fotos jeder Art kann jetzt ein Make-over verpasst werden – kurz und schmerzlos. Also per Mausklick. VicMan Software hat mit eine Foto-Plattform gelauncht, die Amatuerknipserinnen online zu Profis werden lässt.» >>>

September 23, 2009 : un logiciel en ligne d’édition de photos

« est un site qui propose des logiciels d’édition en ligne de photos numériques.» >>>

September 23, 2009

DEMO:’s a basic version of Photoshop on the web

«Adobe Photoshop has been a must-have editing tool for almost two decades. But with photos moving to the cloud on sites like Facebook and Flickr, VicMan Software says there’s a room for a web-based competitor.

They showed off, an online photo editing service, at DEMOFall 09 today, an emerging technology conference co-produced by VentureBeat. It can get rid of red-eye, enhance color and cut out your face and stick it into Rambo photos (like they did with fearless leader and VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall).» >>>

September 23, 2009
VicMan Software CEO speaks about platform at Demo conference.

September 23, 2009

Качественные фото для всех с сервисом

«Компания VicMan Software запустила новый онлайн-сервис на основе платформы Photo! Enhancement Platform, доступный по легко запоминающемуся адресу Большинство снимков, которые делают непрофессиональные фотографы при помощи «мыльниц» или мобильных телефонов, к сожалению, не блещет качеством. Алгоритм общего назначения проводит анализ изображения и определяет все основные его дефекты, после чего осуществляется коррекция: исправляются цвет и контрастность, выполняется подавление шумов, повышается резкость картинки. Также есть и другой алгоритм, предназначенный для улучшения качества портретных снимков.» >>>

September 22, 2009 The End of Crappy Photos on The Web

«[DEMOFall 09] VicMan Software launched its Online Photo! Enhancement Platform, which is a RESTful API available at . Most pictures taken with point and shoot cameras or phones have bad quality, mostly due to noise, incorrect color balance, low light conditions or the famous red-eye effect. enhancement algorithm ( fixes all common photo defects at once by analyzing an image and by applying color and contrast adjustment, performing denoising and sharpening.» >>>

September 2, 2009

Creare facilmente avatar animati online

«Mi mancava l’ultimo arrivato: Avatar Photo!. Si tratta di strumento per creare avatar animati online in modo davvero paratico a partire da un’immagine personale.

Si carica una foto dal nostro computer o da URL se già risiede online, si edita e si sceglie uno tra i tanti effetti animati a disposizione.» >>>

August 23, 2009

Photo! 3D Album

«Vi piacerebbe mostrare le vostre foto nella cornice di una galleria virtuale? Photo! 3D Album crea una galleria per le vostre foto e vi consente di passeggiarci dentro in maniera simile ad un gioco in prima persona.» >>>

August 18, 2009

Photo! 3D Album, crea galerías 3D para tus imagenes

«Photo! 3D Album es una aplicación para Windows que nos permitirá mostrar nuestras imágenes en galerías 3D virtuales, que podremos ir recorriendo en “modo 1a. persona” como si estuvieramos dando un paseo.» >>>

August 15, 2009

Create Yourself A 3D Screensaver With The Photos You Have – Photo! 3D Album

«Now, here is a software that helps you to make an album of your photos and explore them in 3D as screen-savers or movie files.

Photo! 3D Album is a windows software that helps you to create screen savers or exe files with the images on the computer. This is a freeware software that is really wonderful in creating albums in 3D way.» >>>

July 24, 2009


«ワンクリックで簡単に切り抜き&編集したり、顔写真にオモシロ加工したりしたい時には「」がオススメです。» >>>

July 22, 2009 Edits Pictures and More

«Whether you need a one-click instant fix, the ability to crop and edit, or you just want to make a goofy avatar for your favorite forum, has a variety of photo editing tools to help you.» >>>