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June 13, 2011

Meer dan 200 flauwe foto-effecten in gratis app Lab

«Je dronken gezicht in de uitdossing van Jack Sparrow. De vriendin van je beste vriend op de motorkap van een Bentley. Je schoonmoeder als de speelkaart van Batman’s Joker. Je hoeft maar een foto met een gezicht erop te selecteren en de nieuwe iPhone-applicatie Lab doet de rest. Met meer dan 200 effecten in 13 verschillende categorieën, een indrukwekkende gezichtsdetectietechniek en het bizarre gebruiksgemak van de app, is het een raadsel waarom Lab gratis is.» >>>

June 13, 2011

Cool iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps: Lab

«Play with your photos creating imaginative finished results with Lab and its creative backdrops and effects. Create cool montages, funny contact icons, virtual postcards and even phone wallpapers! Most importantly, it is super easy to use this app with plenty of guidance and guaranteed success in achieving the photo results you want.» >>>

June 11, 2011 Lab – New iPhonegraphy App

«This is a new app and looks good. It provides you with over 400 awesome effects for your photos. Lab allows you to create fun photomontages, cool contact icons, virtual postcards and phone wallpapers.» >>>

June 6, 2011 Lab creates collages, cheesy photos, and more

«With Lab for Android you can transform your photos using a menu of over 400 novelty photo effects, frames, and photo collages. Perhaps one of the simplest photo apps we've encountered, Lab launches directly to a huge menu of effects.» >>>

June 3, 2011 Lab, Create Fun Photo Frames & Effects from your Pics

« Lab is a great new app for Android that lets you take images on your phone and create something with them. There are frames, effects, collage options, and more for taking an image and creating a piece of art with it. Once you create your image, you can share it straight from the app via any sharing program you have on your phone, including email and picture messages (MMS).» >>>

May 31, 2011 Lab, hacer fotomontajes en Android

«La capacidad de crear collages, mosaicos personalizados, enmarcar fotos, junto a la tecnología de reconocimiento facial y más de 400 efectos de imagen son las ventajas de usar Lab para teléfonos Android.

Para ser una aplicación gratis, sus beneficios son tentadores y los divertidos fotomontajes que haces desde su panel puedes ponerlos como fondos de pantalla del dispositivo, como íconos de contacto, envíarlos como un MMS o publicarlos en tu cuenta de Facebook.» >>>

May 31, 2011


«合成できるエフェクト画像は450種類以上あり、選択するだけで簡単に合成できるお手軽加工アプリになっています。» >>>

May 2, 2011 Lab


14種類のカテゴリから好きな効果を選んで画像アップするだけですぐに変換できます。顔認識使った合成や複数の写真を使ったコラージュ等もあるのが楽しいですよ★画像に文字を入れることもできるので、グリーティングカード等にも良いかもです。» >>>

April 15, 2011 Lab

«Après ImageChef et PhotoFunia, voici Lab

Cette application va vous permettre de créer des photo montages et photo collages, en utilisant des effets divers. Vous pourrez utiliser le contenu de votre galerie ou effectuer une transformation sur une photo prise sur place avec votre appareil.

Ce sont au total plus de 400 effets disponibles dans plus de 10 catégories. Vous pourrez ensuite conserver votre réalisation sur votre carte mémoire, l’installer en fond d’écran ou la partager fièrement par messagerie et sur Facebook.» >>>

February 12, 2011

Android App: Lab – Create Cool Photomontages and Fun Pictures (Free)

« Lab is a powerful online photo edit application which lets you create cool photomontages and fun pictures directly from your android phones. This free application has almost 400 exciting effects in more than 10 categories . So, you can create cool photo mashups, collages, mosaics, cartoons style, beautifully framed photos, montages and lots of other fun stuff. Besides this, Lab also support online sharing where you can save your results, set them as wallpaper, send as an MMS or publish on Facebook.» >>>

January 12, 2011

Android App : Lab เนรมิตรรูปโปรไฟล์ขั้นเทพ

«หากกำลังหาแอพที่ใช้แต่งรูปโปรไฟล์นำมาโชว์บน Facebook-Twitter ผมขอแนะนำ Lab เนรมิตรภาพได้ขั้นเทพ ใช้งานง่าย มีเอฟเฟคให้เลือกแบบจุใจ เฉพาะหมวดหมู่เอฟเฟคก็มีให้เลือกมากกว่า 13 แบบ» >>>

January 11, 2011 Lab – Create cool photomontages

«Have some fun with your images by adding some cool effects with Lab.» >>>

January 11, 2011 Lab

« Lab, powered by website, lets you create cool photomontages and fun pictures from your photos.» >>>

December 28, 2010 Lab by VicMan LLC

« Lab - FREE Photo Fun Generator in your pocket!

More than 400 awesome effects for your photos! With Lab you can easily create fun photomontages, cool contact icons, animated effects, virtual postcards and phone wallpapers! You will love the user friendly interface and the ease of use Lab provides.» >>>

August 27, 2010
Stella Kuru runs a website dedicated to the actor and activist Gabriel Byrne. You can see it here:

Stella made a video with Gabriel's photos enhanced and processed with tools for her fansite. Many thanks to Stella!