August 20, 2013

phoTWO - perfect way to share a moment

ptoTWO app for iPhone iconVicman LLC team, well-known for the project and several very successful applications for iOS and Android, has recently released a brand-new application for iPhone called phoTWO.

phoTWO app for iPhone - make a photo with both cameras at once to get an elegant collage that shows what you feel!

While sharing a photo of Eiffel Tower is a great way to show your friends you are lucky to get there, it can be not enough when you’d also like to express what you feel seeing it for the first time. And you wish you could just add your smiling face to foreground. Good news is this aim is two photos away with phoTWO. After letting you capture the view with rear camera the application automatically switches to the front camera for a ‘portrait’ snap and then combines two photos into a ready-to-share collage, with the portrait pinned to top.

phoTWO app for iPhone - take a photo with rear cam, then capture your emotions with front cam. Share your collage.

The result can be sent to a number of social networks (such as Facebook or Instagram) and easily shared via short link. Or you can choose to share rear camera snap together with the collage.

phoTWO can become a good alternative to the usual Camera app on iPhone. Activate single shot mode to shoot with rear camera only and get all pictures saved to Camera roll.

Emotions rock, so start pinning yours to every photo now! phoTWO is FREE and already available on the App Store.

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