May 27, 2014

phoTWO makes its way to Google Play

The concentration of photo-sharing flows in today's world is ineffable. You never know how many photos have just passed you heading for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We are constantly sharing our unique experiences. Which is amazingly great apart from one thing - those shots contain only one half of the story, leaving your emotions out. Sure, you can always add some text, but shouldn't the image say it all?

phoTWO app on Google play

Previously available for iPhone users only, phoTWO camera app is now ready to bring live emotions to the photos of Android users. This simple tool easily creates a photo collage with your portrait pinned to top. Just make a photo, take a selfie and leave the rest to phoTWO. You will end up with a fully editable mix of two shots. So if you feel like you need a bit of cropping, moving and zooming, you are very welcome. And don't forget to choose an elegant frame for your portrait photo as a cherry on top.

phoTWO app screenshots

Being a camera application phoTWO can replace your original camera app as well. Just skip making front camera shot and rear camera picture will be saved to the Gallery automatically. Easy as that!

Everyone wants to be in the focus of their photo stories, and you should not be an exception. Get phoTWO on Google Play now and light your photos with your priceless emotions.

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