March 18, 2009

VicMan Software launches the world’s first web platform for fully automatic photo enhancement

Thinking of launching an online photo editor on your site? The latest development of VicMan Software, a leader in imaging sphere for more than 8 years, will make this upgrade possible, and at minimal expense. The multifunctional web platform with intellectual algorithms is the result of many years of experience. Besides traditional image editing tools, the platform offers unique automatic algorithms for portrait photo enhancement, all-in-one image correction and creating fun effects.

Nowadays, billions of photos are stored on the Internet, and each day users upload their new masterpieces. Quite often, their quality leaves much to be desired. For instance, photos made with point-and-shoot cameras or camera phones are prone to digital noise and incorrect color balance. Low sharpness, incorrect exposition, as well as the notorious red-eye, are also quite common. Online Photo! Enhancement Platform is designed to effectively fight the above-mentioned problems. It is able to enhance user photos in automatic mode, without spoiling them.

For instance, the Quick Enhancement algorithm fixes all common photo defects with impressive results. The tool analyzes an image and, if needed, applies levels adjustment, performs color correction, denoising and sharpening and removes red eye in photos of people. Another algorithm, for automatic portrait retouching, makes ordinary people look like cover models. It detects a face in a photo and fixes all common problems found in portrait photos. As a result you get whiter teeth, smoother face complexion without wrinkles or other minor skin defects, and more attractive eyes. Additionally, you can add a glamour effect that makes the skin look more tanned, creates a soft focus effect and blurs the background.

The platform also includes some traditional photo editing tools, which also have some advantages compared with existing analogues. First of all, the platform includes all possible tools a user may need or want – ranging from rotating or cropping a photo to automatic red eye removal, intellectual image sharpening and applying artistic effects. Another advantage is that the platform lets users enhance their photos both in manual and fully automatic modes. The auto mode lets users save time and effort, as there is no need to adjust any parameters manually. Besides, automatic algorithms are as user friendly and ‘dummy proof’ as they can possibly be: everything a user needs to do to get the perfect result is click a button. And, as we said before, automatic algorithms work smartly, without the risk of spoiling the original photo. On top of that, all photo processing calculations are performed on developers’ servers, so all tools can be conveniently used online. You are welcome to visit the demo service at to see for yourself.

Online Photo! Enhancement Platform can be used to create online image editors, photo enhancement modules on dating sites or social networks or even to enhance user photos right during upload – and this is of course not the full list. The platform is the ideal solution for mashup projects as it lets realize creative ideas absolutely at no cost.

Any digital photo is, in fact, a set of pixels. That’s why it can be easily transformed to make it evoke different emotions. For instance, the Caricature tool allows changing facial expressions with just one mouse click, making a person on a photo happy, sad or surprised (check out the demo at The Funny Photo! service lets you show photos in new light by inserting them in funny or unusual settings. More than 60 original templates and 9 artistic filters are currently available, and more are coming soon. Visit the service and see face detection technology in action at

The platform is web oriented and can be easily accessed from any location at any time. As for adopting the platform to third-party services, it can be easily done by any person who is familiar with the basics of web programming.

The platform can be used on a free or paid basis. During the initial period of use (2-3 months), it can be used free of charge. For corporate clients, photo processing costs several cents per one image.

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You can find the detailed API documentation (as well as photo processing examples and the usage price) at  VicMan Software company provides complete technical support on integrating the platform, as well as its further maintenance.

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