April 11, 2008

Vista-Ready Photo! Editor is the most convenient solution to make the best of your digital photos

VicMan's most popular photo editing product is now compatible with the new Windows operating system. And it's still remaining powerful multifunctional software offering a complete set of image editing tools.

April 11, 2008 – VicMan Software, a leading developer of graphics software for personal computers, announced that Photo! Editor 1.0, available beginning today, is Windows Vista™ Ready. In VicMan's style Photo! Editor is a pure freeware product.

Since its first release in February 2006, the product has been a powerful, yet compact and easy-to-use solution to improve digital images. The new version is a stand-alone application with a still handier interface and excellent functionality.

Powerful and user-friendly, Photo! Editor 1.0 features many useful tools like color correction, fully automatic red eye removal, denoising, photo resampling, cropping, as well as converting into another image format. The denoising tool developed in VicMan's Research Lab provides an excellent quality of processed photos. The Make Up is a remarkable portrait enhancement tool offering a complete set of retouching filters. Whitening teeth or removing spots and glossy flash reflections from the skin is not a problem anymore. The amusing Caricature tool allows creating funny caricatures transforming photos with special warping effects. The distinguished Lighting Effects tool will brighten up and enliven an image in just a few clicks. Of no small importance is the ability to process images in batch mode, which lets users quickly edit multiple photos just as a single photo.

Dr. Schaffer, CEO and Founder Human Factors International, Inc., foresaw that the “most profound impact on corporate computing would be a positive online user experience - the ability for a user to get the job done efficiently, easily, and without frustration.” In order to achieve these aims, Photo! Editor is supplied with an instant help, a built-in navigation tree for fast folder search, a window with chosen folder content and two toolbars at the top and the bottom of the application. New toolbars with large buttons provide high clarity and usability.

Additionally, the 1.0 version of Photo! Editor gives the possibility to undo and redo all actions. Zoom options are also available, among them an opportunity to fit an image to the window size. A highly usable image editing tool can't be imagined without these important features.

Time is money, as the proverb says. VicMan Software highly value users' time therefore most features in Photo! Editor 1.0 are automated. However, more exacting users can implement all operations manually to reach perfect results.

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