April 29, 2010

A Quick Guide on How to Become an Alien

So, you have an internet access, and a couple of portrait photos (with you, your friends/family, whoever). Then it must be interesting for you to turn your ordinary photos into grotesque caricatures. All the more so because at Cartoon.Pho.to you can turn a photo to cartoon less than in a minute.

In places with lots of tourists you can often see street artists making funny portraits (friendly jests). Imagine you could create funny caricatures using your photos! Doing this is simple at Cartoon.Pho.to service by VicMan Software. Just upload a photo, select one of the 'freaky face' effects and turn an ordinary person into an alien, troll, bulb-head or a tough guy.

Altogether, you will find 14 face morphing effects at Cartoon.Pho.to. Apart from 'freaky face' effects, you can apply different emotions onto a face – wink, smile, sad, surprised, flirt, etc.

Moreover, there are options letting you create cartoonized pictures and gif. animations. See how you can 'cartoonize' Brad Pitt and make him smile:

Photo to Cartoon. Brad Pitt

You can also create smiling, winking, etc. gif animations. It is useful that you can adjust both animation speed and size. Created pictures can be used as avatars on blogs or forums.

Below you can find almost all Cartoon.Pho.to effects applied to doctor House portrait.

All Cartoon.Pho.to effects are available for free, and can be applied to your photo with a couple of clicks!

House M.D.

Friendly jest by photo

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