May 29, 2009

How to turn your photo into a cool animated or static avatar?

Before making animated avatar
Animated snowfall for your photo
Magnifying glass effect

When you browse forums or blogs, you know other people in the virtual world by their user name and their avatar. The latter is very important for those who live their lives on the web, as it is а graphical representation of your own self in the ever-changing web world.

Although the Internet abounds in tons of ready made avatar pictures, if you use one, you can eventually stumble upon somebody who uses the same avatar. But you DO want to be unique?

Do you want to animate your avatar and make it smile, wink playfully or look surprised? Do you want to spice up your avatar with dozens of fun effects? Do you want to matrix your avatar, make an X-Ray scanning online or set it on fire? If you say YES to any of these questions, consider visiting Avatar Photo! The service lets you create unique animated and static avatars for free, adjust their size, animation speed and number of frames and save them either to your computer, or to a free hosting on site.

It takes just a few seconds and a few mouse clicks to turn your photo into a cool gif animation or an awesome statiс avatar.

You simply upload your picture and select the effect you like. Some effects use automatic face detection technology. The service currently offers more than thirty fun effects to spice up your avatar, and the collection is growing!

So forget about old boring avatars, and get ready to attract more friends online. And don't be afraid to be yourself. Or a little bit better :)

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