April 9, 2008

VicMan's Photo! 3D Album 1.0 shows photos from a new perspective

Nowadays, Virtual Worlds are becoming more and more popular, yet there are only a few software applications that allow the entry-level user to create 3D reality with ease. Vista-ready Photo! 3D Album 1.0 by VicMan Software is probably the most convenient way to make your own 3D world. All that is needed are photos and some fantasy. Once a 3D album is created, it can be shared on the net, set as a screensaver or saved as a stand-alone EXE file.

April 9, 2008 – VicMan Software, a leading developer of graphics software for personal computers, announced that Vista-ready Photo! 3D Album 1.0 is released. Now it adds Shockwave support for playing an album as a flash movie on the web.

Imagine you have downloaded Photo! 3D Album and started the application. From the very beginning you will be prompted to choose a gallery from the list of pre-installed designs. You can also visit the 3D galleries page on http://pho.to to find still more free cool galleries to present your digital photos in. Feel the magic of light in an Oriental Palace, or make a trip to the Mountains, or explore the inside of mysterious Egyptian Pyramids – everything is in the power of yours! A pleasing lifelike atmosphere of all galleries is created thanks to amazingly natural-looking graphics and exquisite details.

Afterwards you will certainly want to add photos to the album. Thanks to an extremely user friendly interface, adding photos is simple and fun. Just move about the gallery with your mouse and drag and drop photos from the program window or your Windows Explorer into frames inside the gallery. You can arrange photos the way you like it, as any photo can be placed into any frame. Moreover, you can fit photos to the frames or frames to the photos and accompany images with captions and notes.

Photo! 3D Album provides a wide variety of sharing options: save a created album as a stand-alone EXE file that does not require additional software to view or as an installable screensaver. With the capability to save a 3D presentation in VRML or Shockwave formats you can easily share it via the net (Macromedia Shockwave Flash is the most popular animation format on Internet now, allowing to play an album as a flash movie). In new version of Photo! 3D Album automatic uploading to your pho.to web page added.

Use your mouse and keyboard to wander freely through the gallery or switch to auto move mode and enjoy viewing your photos in a new amazing environment. Photo! 3D Album installer also contains Photo! 3D Screensaver software that easily transforms a folder with photos into a customizable 3D screensaver. Also, it lets you listen to your favorite music while the screensaver is running – just add mp3 music files in the application's sound menu.

Place your photos into 3D albums with the help of Photo! 3D Album, and see them from a new perspective!

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