October 10, 2011

New fantastic face morphing app - from a frown to a smile!

Cartoon Face logo picture Just picture yourself pointing your camera at a friend and getting a cartoonized caricature with an animated broad smile or a cute wink! Wouldn’t that be hilarious? It sure would!

Well, guess what, this is more than real! But it's not a magic camera we are talking here about, but an amazing application – Cartoon Face – that allows applying tons of photo effects to portraits. Just launch the app, point your iPhone/iPad camera at a friend and choose an emotion or a freaky effect from the given list (14 FANTASTIC FACE MORPHING EFFECTS are available). Then wait for a moment and see the magic transformation of an ordinary face into a smiling, flirty or surprised caricature or even into an alien or a troll!

Effect's settings in the Cartoon Face app

Cartoon Face features include:

  • applying realistic emotions to a face and animating them – a flirty wink, nice smile, sad or surprised face, squint eyes, etc. Changing face emotion in the Cartoon Face app
  • converting any portrait photo into a cartoon (you can animate cartoons, too!); Photo to cartoon effect
  • turning an ordinary face into a freaky one – become a troll, alien, Martian, bulb-headed guy, grotesque, etc. Face morphing effects (turning ordinary face into freaky one)
  • possibility to automatically crop the face in one click on any portrait photo. Flirting Obama (with the photo to cartoon effect)

Cartoon Face has a remarkably user-friendly interface. You select a photo from the gallery or take a pic with your phone camera, then choose an effect you want to apply and here you are. This will surely make your day! Moreover, you can send the resulting pics to your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter or any other sharing app installed on your phone. It will have them in stitches!

Cartoon Face is available for FREE! Go grab it right now following the https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id454172632 link or scan the QR code below:

Cartoon Face QR code

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