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Here you will find answers for the frequently asked questions about services, tools and software at Pho.to site. If you have a question or problem, please look through the FAQ below before addressing the support team.

Online Pho.to services (Funny.Pho.to, Avatar.Pho.to, Editor.Pho.to etc.)

  1. I want to create a template for Funny.Pho.to. How can I do this?

    If you've got an idea for a Funny.Pho.to template, share it at idea.informer.com.

  2. Do I violate anyone's copyright if I print images edited at Pho.to services, in particular at Funny.Pho.to?

    We allow to use our templates (i.e. their graphics) at your discretion. However, if you use other people' images for editing at Funny.Pho.to and then violate the copyright of an image copyright holder by printing the image or using it in some other way, you do so at your own risk, and this is your own responsibility.

  3. How do I remove Pho.to watermark from my resulting pictures at Funny.Pho.to and Avatar.Pho.to services?

    You can remove Pho.to watermark from your picture by checking the "Remove www.pho.to watermark" option to the left of your resulting picture.

  4. I have trouble uploading a photo via an URL. I copy & paste the link into the field, but get the following message - "No photo URLs were found in the text".

    Most probably, the URL you are entering does not have a proper file extension. Make sure the link ends in .jpg/.jpeg, .png or .gif.

Registration and account activation. Logging in to the site

  1. I am a registered user at Pho.to, but I do not remember my nickname and password. How can I recover them?

    First try to recover your password using the "Sign in" link in the upper right corner of http://pho.to main page. Click the "Forgot your password?" link in the opened window and follow the instructions. If you still can't recover your password, please send us your login, password and your registration e-mail via the feedback form.

  2. I have two accounts at Pho.to, can I merge them into one?

    No, you cannot merge two accounts.

  3. I am a registered user at Pho.to, but I cannot log in to the forum using my nickname and password that I use at Pho.to site.

    At the moment we have separate registration for the site and the forum. Sign up for the forum here: http://pho.to/forum/register.php.

Photo hosting and privacy issues

  1. Can I use Pho.to site as a photo hosting?

    Yes, you can store your photos at Pho.to for free. To share stand alone images, use the http://tweet.pho.to service. Besides, after editing your pictures with any of online Pho.to services you can share your result images with the "Share" or "Save to account" buttons. Moreover, at your Pho.to account you can store photo albums created with the following programs:

    • Photo! Web album – smart and easy way to create photo galleries for the web, more than 50 album designs.
    • Photo! 3D Album – this program lets you create navigable 3D photo galleries (Adobe Shockwave Player needs to be installed).
  2. I have uploaded my photo to one of your services (e.g. Funny.Pho.to, Editor.Pho.to, etc.), and it appeared in the photo panel. But I don't want my photos to be public! How can I remove them from the photo panel?

    There is no need to remove your photos that appear in the upper photo panel, as they are VISIBLE ONLY TO YOU. You can check it by opening the same page in another browser.

  3. Are albums and photos in my account private or publicly accessible?

    We allow public access to albums (web albums and 3D albums) stored at your Pho.to account. However, the images you have uploaded using the http://tweet.pho.to service are visible only from that very computer and browser you used to upload them.

  4. How can I delete photos or albums stored at my Pho.to account?

    First of all, log in to your account (use the "Sign in" link in the upper right corner of http://pho.to page). Then go to your account and find albums that you want to delete in "My albums" tab and click the red cross in the upper right corner of the album preview.

Pho.to Software (Photo! 3D Album & Screensaver, Photo! Editor, Photo! Web Album etc.)

  1. How do I convert a 3D album into video format (.avi, .mp4 etc.), to view it on a DVD player, TV or mobile phone?

    To save your 3D album in video format, we suggest using screen capturing software that allows recording video from screen while a 3D album is played. We recommend the following programs:

  2. How can I add music (audio file) into a 3D album?

    Photo! 3D Screensaver allows adding music into 3D screensavers by adding an mp3 file in gallery settings. Photo! 3D Album does not have this feature.

  3. Can I remove empty frames (slots) in 3D albums? I want to create a 3D gallery with a predefined number of photos, not more or less.

    There are several ways to do so:

    1) You can check the number of frames in each gallery in Photo! 3D Album software. When you switch between templates, the total number of frames is displayed in the "Frames info" string at the bottom.

    2) Alternatively, you can use the "Simple" template (flash slideshow) or 3D photo books in http://pho.to/widget3d/ online service. These templates allow adding as many photos as you like, and the resulting album will not have empty frames or slots.

  4. How do I navigate a 3D album manually?

    To switch into manual navigation mode, press Space on your keyboard, then navigate the gallery using the mouse.

  5. Photo presentations made with Photo 3D Album move too fast... How can I view pictures in more detail?

    It is not possible to adjust the size and resolution of photos in Photo 3D Album presentations. To view pictures in more detail, switch into manual navigation mode. To do so, press Space on your keyboard, then navigate the gallery using the mouse.

  6. How can I upload a 3D album created with Photo! 3D Album to my website?

    To upload a 3D album to your site, do the following:

    1) Save a created album to a folder on your computer (click the "Share" button, select the first item (Web gallery in Shockwave format) and uncheck the "Upload to pho.to" box). Then click OK and select a folder.
    2) The selected folder will now contain a set of files (index.htm, shockplayer.dcr, etc.) and folders (gallery and index_files).
    3) Upload all these files and folders to a directory on your site (e.g. mysite/my_3dalbum), leaving the hierarchy intact.
    4) That's it! Now the album can be viewed in the directory you've specified (e.g. http://mysite/my_3dalbum/).

  7. How can I adjust frame size to photo size in 3D albums and 3D screensavers?

    This way of fitting a picture into a frame is called "Adapt" mode. To adjust frame size to photo size in Photo! 3D Album, click on a framed photo in the gallery preview window and select "Adapt" in the "Frame layout" section. (The same options become available if you right-click on a photo in the gallery preview window).

    As for Photo! 3D Screensaver software, there is no possibility to adjust frame size to photo size. However, you can create an album in Photo! 3D Album software, and then export it to Photo! 3D Screensaver ("Share" -> "Custom gallery for Photo! 3D Screensaver").

  8. Can I save a 3D album shared on the web to my computer?

    No, it is not possible to download a 3D album from the internet to your hard drive. Instead, you can use screen capturing software and record video from screen while a 3D album is playing. Here is a list of screen capturing programs you can use.

  9. How can I share my web album or my 3D album on a social network? (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

    To share your web or 3D album on a social network, log in to your Pho.to account, find the album you want to share in "My albums" tab and click the "Info & options" link below the album preview. Then click Post (or Bookmark) to the right of the album preview and select a social network.

    Alternatively, you can simply share a direct link to your album. The link can be found in the blue panel above the album preview on this page.

  10. Photo! 3D Album (Photo! Web Album, Photo! Editor) software does not work under Windows 7. How can I get it to work in Windows 7?

    Photo! 3D Album, Photo! Web Album and Photo! Editor programs have just partial compatibility with Windows 7. To create 3D albums, we suggest using Photo! Presentation Widget online service instead of Photo! 3D Album software. You can also try running each program in Windows XP compatibility mode. To do so, right click the program .exe file, then select "Properties", click the Compatibility tab and set Win XP.

  11. How do I upload a web album created with Photo! Web Album software to my website?

    To upload a web album to your site, do the following:
    1) Save a created album to a folder on your computer (click the "Publish" button, select "Export to folder", then browse to a folder to save the album).
    2) The selected folder will now contain a set of files (index.htm, photo_1.htm, photo_2.htm etc.) as well as folders (assets, images, styles, etc).
    3) Upload all these files and folders to a directory of your site keeping the hierarchy intact, e.g. mysite/my_web_album.
    4) That's it! Now you can view your uploaded album from your site directory (e.g. http://mysite/my_web_album/).

  12. Can I add or remove photos from a web album or a 3D album published in my account?

    You cannot edit your published albums (e.g. add or remove photos). However, if you have a saved album project on your computer, you can edit the project and upload the edited album to your account (and delete the old one).

  13. Can I rename a web album or a 3D album published in my account?

    You cannot rename your published albums. However, if you have a saved album project on your computer, you can edit the project (change the album title) and upload the edited album to your account (and delete the old one).

  14. How can I change the preview of an album (created with Photo! Web Album or 3D Photo! Album software) before uploading the album to Pho.to site?

    You can change the album preview in this way: while publishing the album, click the "Change..." button to the right of the preview and select your own photo. The "Default" button will return the preview to its initial state (a collage made of several photos in your album).

  15. Can I print a photo directly from Photo! Editor software?

    No, Photo! Editor does not have the direct print feature. To print your edited photo, save it to your hard drive and then print it from an image viewer program.

  16. Will your software (Photo! Editor, Photo! Web Album, Photo! 3D Album & Screensaver) be available in languages other than English?

    At the moment we are not planning to localize our software to other languages.

  17. Do you have versions of Photo! Edior, Photo! Web Album and Photo! 3D Album & Screensaver for Mac OS?

    No, there are no versions of these programs for Mac OS.

Feedback, awards, links, press

  1. I like using your free online services! How can I thank the developers?

    The best way to thank us for our work is to let your friends know about our site, or mention Pho.to in your blog, social network profile or website. We also suggest that you create a video on Youtube about Pho.to services and give a link to the service there. Do not hesitate to write your feedback and suggestions at press@vicman.net.

  2. I'd like to exchange links with your site. Is it possible?

    Yes, we place links to resources that mention Pho.to site and its services. We also give links to videos on Youtube that show the work of Pho.to services. If you want us to place a link, send us the link to your review/video at press@vicman.net and we will place it at http://pho.to/press/reviews.php.

If you did not find the answer to your question in the FAQ above, feel free to contact us through contact form  below, but be sure to provide us with the exact name of the program or web service address. Besides, it is a good idea to attach the screenshot of the problem. How to take a screenshot.

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