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Dear Photo! Web Album users!

We are sorry to say that we have stopped hosting albums created with Photo! Web Album software at site. Due to the reasons related to the development of online services, site can no longer be a hosting platform for your albums. However, you can save albums created with Photo! Web Album software to your computer ('Export to Folder' option) and view them locally, burn them to a CD/DVD, or upload them to your own website or a third party hosting service.

PS You may also find that some of your previously uploaded albums have disappeared. If that is so, please contact us at and provide us with the URL of the album that can no longer be found. We will do our best to restore it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Photo! Web Album offers the smartest and easiest way to create photo galleries for the web. We made it ultimately user friendly and highly usable. Attractive interface, built-in wizard and context sensitive help ensure that even new users will be able to create a web album in a couple of clicks.

Photo! Web Album is the only photo album generator that lets you view the result immediately in real time. This means you can see how your album looks as soon as you've added images to it without waiting for the program to generate the album.

Photo! Web Album also supports subfolders, so you can add a folder with all subfolders included keeping the folder hierarchy intact. This will let you accurately organize heaps of images within one album.

Moreover, Photo! Web Album contains a number of built-in photo editing tools. Rotate photos, fix red eye, apply filters, correct color and remove noise from your photos directly in Photo! Web Album, without having to employ other photo editing software.

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