April 9, 2008

Why use Version 1.0 of VicMan's Photo! Web Album?

The follower of Web Photo Album (VicMan's most popular web photo hosting product), Photo! Web Album 1.0 will please both accustomed and new users. The product kept all the functionality like photo editing tools and the ability to manage albums published on free web hosting directly from the program's interface. And along with becoming even handier in use it was extended with Windows Vista support.

April 9, 2008 – VicMan Software, a leading developer of graphics software for personal computers, announced that Vista-ready Photo! Web Album 1.0, featured with a large set of useful functions, is released. Like all VicMan's products, this one is pure freeware.

Photo! Web Album 1.0is a result of talented VicMan's programmers' and creative VicMan's designers' productive work. It has a user friendly and highly usable interface to ensure that even new users will be able to create a web album in a couple of clicks. There is no need for reading boring text descriptions since a flash movie on how to create a new gallery and publish it on the net is constantly accessible from the program's welcome page.

One of the key features is the ability to manage both 2D web album and 3D albums published on http://pho.to/ directly fromthe application window. Formerly it required opening the internet browser, but now users can avoid redundant actions. Besides, a useful feature of web gallery deletion is added.

Photo! Web Album 1.0 is equipped with a built-in wizard and context sensitive help that makes it possible to transform photos into professional looking web gallery in no time. On uploading a gallery, you get a code replacing an ordinary link with a picture looking like a preview of your album. Common HTML code and UBB compatible code are supported. The link code can always be found at “Pho.to” inset of the program interface.

Photo! Web Album contains a number of built-in photo editing tools. Rotate photos, fix red eye, correct color and remove noise and JPEG artifacts directly in the application, without having to employ other photo editing software. The denoising tool developed in VicMan's Research Lab provides an excellent quality of processed photos. Additionally, the ability to undo and redo all actions exists. There's no need to be afraid to spoil a source photo - all changes are saved only in generated galleries.

The new version of Photo! Web Album supplies lots of new cool galleries – Travel, Vintage, Girl's Diary, Halloween, Night Sky, Tattoo, Underwater and so on. A wide range of design templates' choice will make every album special!

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