June 2, 2009

New enhanced interface of Pho.to website offers unlimited opportunities for photo editing and album creation

The Pho.to website provided by VicMan Software offers a variety of online and offline tools to work and play with digital images. Edit your photos easily online, create funny collages and animated avatars, enhance portrait photos or even change facial expressions in one click – all absolutely for free!

Whether you are visiting the site for the first time, or already got hooked on its services, there are good news for you. The site now sports a new file selection & management panel that makes it even more convenient to switch between the services. Besides, the Photo! Presentation Widget service for creating nearly all kinds of online photo albums, is now integrated with all photo editing services, so you can make albums with your edited photos right on the spot.

New convenient image selection and image uploading panel at Pho.to

The new interface offers three great benefits:

1. Switch easily between the services.
If, for instance, you enhanced your face photo with Makeup Photo! service, and then felt like creating a funny collage with it, do it by clicking the Funny Photo! tab. All changes you've made to a photo will be saved, so that you can go on editing it with another service.   

2. Store all your uploaded photos and results in one place.
All photos that you upload to Pho.to services, as well as the results of editing, are conveniently stored in the file management panel. The panel has two windows: the first contains all your uploaded files, the second saves results that you liked. It can store up to 20 result photos, and they will be valid for as long as 12 hours! You can even shut down your PC, open the site in the same browser after a while, and your photos will be still available to you.

3. Create online photo albums with edited photos in one click.
Many users who have fun with their photos and apply dozens of effects to them, want to make them accessible to the world on the Internet.  But if you save your pictures one by one, it will take too much time. The new panel makes it possible to create an online album with your edited photos directly from an editor service page. You just add edited photos to the results list by clicking the "+" icon, and then push the "Create an album" button. This takes all your enhanced photos to the Photo! Presentation Widget service. All you have to do is choose an album type (flash or 3D) and add or remove photos. Created photo albums can be saved to your Pho.to account or placed on any other site, blog or social network with an embed code. It is also convenient that you can customize your online albums adjusting their size, background color and start mode.

Enjoy the opportunity to edit, have fun and share your photos easily, efficiently and absolutely for free on our site. To learn more about what exactly you can do with Pho.to services, look through our tips and tricks at http://tips.pho.to. You are also welcome with your feedback, questions and suggestions to our users community where you can get all the information you need.

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