April 6, 2009

Fix a bad pic in a click

Before and after overall photo enhancement

Enhance Photo! service gives users the quickest and most painless way to fix nearly all problems of their digital pictures.  The service helps to adjust image color and brightness, removes digital noise and makes a photo look sharper – all in one click. Besides, the service removes red eye in photos of people. Of course, all these enhancements can be done manually in photo editing programs, but are you ready to spend that much time editing your pictures in complicated software?

Speed and easiness of correction comes first sometimes.  For instance, when you need to edit loads of photos quickly, or if you are new to digital photography. Then, Enhance Photo! service is what the doctor ordered. It makes quick and efficient photo enhancement in fully automatic mode. All you need to do is upload a photo from your computer, or from the internet by entering its URL, and whoops!.. get and enhanced image instantly! (It takes less than half a minute to process a 6 megapixel photo).

Enhanced photos can be saved to your hard drive, or to Pho.to hosting. Storing images at Pho.to hosting makes photo sharing especially easy and convenient as it lets you store and show pictures in a zoomable flash based viewer. It also makes it possible to set access level for your image (by restricting other users from right- click saving) and get an HTML embed code to put your picture on any web page.

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